15 Incredible Rat Tricks

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If anybody would be willing to allow me to use their music for my next trick compilation video please email abbyroeser@gmail.com!

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Clicker training: Clicker training is simply a method of training. “Think of it as a Reinforcement noise. The trainer makes it at the moment the trick is completed, it informs the animal that “You did the trick, well done.” The animal then learns to perform the trick in the way that it did just before it heard that sound, and the sound again reinforces that it’s repeated the trick successfully” -Gutsph

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Here is a video (not my video or my rats!) of more cute rat tricks, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-w9Qum…

The song is Kid CuDi–Trapped in My Mind

Note: The tank that is visible in some shots is not their cage, their cage is huge.