50 Most Amazing Cat Breeds Morphing .

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The video show’n 50 cute cat & kitten breeds blending into each other along with nice music. The Cat Breeds Morphing in the video : American Curl Cat, American Shorthair Cat, Birman Cat,
Black Cat, British Shorthair Cat, Burmese Cat,
Egyptian Mau Cat, Exotic Cat, Ginger Cat,
Havana Brown Cat, Himalayan Cat, Maine Coon, Norwiegen Forest Cat ,
Oriental Cat, Persian Cat, Ragdoll Cat, Ruddy, Abyssinian Cat,
Russian Blue Cat, Russian Siberian Cat,Turkish Van,
Scottish Fold (longhair and shorthair),
Siamese Cat, Sphynx Cat, Tabby Cat, Tuxedo Cat
and another morphing face domestic & wild cats.

Created using software MorphMan

Георгий Буйный