Dancing Cat, Singing Dog, and Ninja Kittens
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The Boston Terrier Gang of 3, (Mia 8 months, Neo 4 Years old and Tuxedo 6 Year old) skating in front of the Mercedes-Benz museum at Stuttgart Germany. Tuxedo, the more proficient goes down the [More]
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Domino is a terrific three-year-old lab/pointer mix who found a wonderful forever home through Austin Pets Alive! Thanks go to Austin singer-songwriter David Grissom for giving permission to use his single “Keep a Rollin’ On” [More]
Unfortunately I had to change the soundtrack…the music no longer flows as well…but the dogs are still AWESOME!!! Tribute to man’s best friend. Much like the video “people are awesome” this video tries to capture [More]
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this is our update pet video
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Our 3 year old labrador retriever and our bengal kitten together loving on one another and giving comfort. www.facebook.com/MaplewoodBengals www.wnybengals.com
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