Website Rates

Site wide advertising – these adverts have the same position on every page of the site.  All adverts offer thousands of page impressions/views per month.

Wide Skyscraper (Top right hand side of page):
Dimensions: 160 x 600px
File size: 40K or smaller
Cost: $275 (US) for 1 month

Leaderboard (bottom of page):
Dimensions: 728 x 90px
File size: 30K or smaller
Cost: $175 (US) for 1 month

Rectangle: (Middle right hand side of page)
There are 2 size options for the middle rectangle space:

Small 3:1 rectangle
Dimensions: 300 x 100px
File size: 20K or smaller
Cost: $175 (US) for 1 month

MPU rectangle
Dimensions: 300 x 250px
File size: 35kb or smaller
Cost: $225 (US) for 1 month

Advertising policy

We do not rotate adverts – meaning that the position that you buy is yours for the entire month. The maximum adverts on the site at any one time will be 3 (1 skyscraper, 1 rectangle and 1 leaderboard.)  The page impression data is based on the 3 month average as collected by Google Analytics. Site users are primarily from the USA, Canada and the UK.

Note: discounts are available for block bookings, please contact us for details.

Shared group advertisements

Group adverts are especially suitable for the authors of small press or e-books (or any other authors who wish to share the cost of an ad!) Group together with your fellow authors to share to cost of premium targeted advertising space. Contact Us for more details.

Advert formats

Accepted file formats: jpg, gif (static or animated) or swf

Design service

If you don’t have an advert in a suitable size or format – We can create the advert for you for an additional charge of $49 (US) per advert. This offer only applies when purchased in conjunction with advertising space.

Please note: We reserve the right to determine if ads are suitable for our audience, and to determine if the design is professional in appearance.