Amazing Acrobatic Dog – Slackline

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i love working with ozzy in nice quiet natural places, although i also enjoy using city landmarks. but mostly we work and train in places like this. at one with nature, man dog and the earth. also away from distractions, i add them later..i am working here on trying to get oz to stretch a little higher from the rope, its very hard to do and i understand why he wants to stay as low as poss, but hey, with out the training, he wouldn’t be any where near a piece of rope or chain for that matter, i hope you enjoy, and i love comments and subscribers….filmed by tommy and nick

Ozzy is 3-75 yr old boy
he is welsh border collie kelpie mix, both his parents work on a farm in Angelsea Wales UK,
the lovely farmer gave him to me, and i am still in contact with him and his wife, about ozzys exploits..

he is a perfect family dog, every thing i could have ever asked for, plus he is my bestest mate and confident..
if you would like a closer look at that “tuperware lid” here is ozzy getting to know it

so for any one who reads this description and is wondering what all the booty hole comments, and valve replies , and rwj army comments, are about…this video was featured on the top youtube subscribed and viewed channel “Ray William Johnson” on the whole of the Internet.
the video is called “dog has superpowers” here is a link so you can have a look, very funny, and i am truly privileged for ozzy and me to have been highlighted….

ozzy has a facebook page “Ozzbert Humpledink”

to contact me please use this email address