Amazing Cat Tricks by Romeo

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Please Share Romeo’s video. My beloved Bengal cat who performs some tricks taught exclusively with positive reinforcement training using a clicker. A reward based method where animals eagerly choose to perform their behaviours of their own free will. Included throughout most the video are the exaggerated visual hand gestures/cues. Once a behaviour becomes fluent, these cues can be either faded or given from a distance. Desktop computers will be able to view the annotations identifying each trick.

Now you can teach your cat (or any pet) tricks too! All cats of any age can learn these tricks and anyone of any age can teach their cats! The famous Amazing Acro-Cats and Weekly Whiskers have partnered together to create a step-by-step DVD* tutorial called “Click Your Way to A Better Cat”. Now available for purchase. The benefits of training is also an effective way of redirecting a cat with problem behaviours by giving the cat something more suitably fun to do. Not only is this method of training powerful, but it will strengthen the bond between you and your cat.

Both Romeo and his brother Kieran were diagnosed with stage 3 degenerative kidney disease in early 2014 caused by tainted training treats – that were included in part of the massive pet food recalls – they consumed long ago when they were kittens in 2005. Both boys require almost monthly veterinary visits to monitor their kidneys in order to effectively slow down the progression of this heartbreakingly incurable disease, which in itself has been financially taxing. You can help contribute to their ongoing medical care by either SHARING this video (or any video on this channel) with your friends and/or purchasing the cat training DVD*. A percentage of the funds received will also be donated to a non-profit charity who provides free a veterinary clinic for families in need.

To purchase the DVD* visit:
PLEASE NOTE: *DVD will work ONLY with North American (Region 1/NTSC) DVD players. If you live outside of N. America and would like to receive a copy, please contact us via our website to discuss the technical details and to calculate shipping.

Come meet Romeo and Kieran over at their website and/or engage with them via social media:

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