Amazing dogs! 8 legs = 3 dogs!!

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8 legs = 2 dogs? WRONG. 8 legs here gets you 3 awesome dogs!

Look closely to see how many legs they have… and you’ll be amazed A 3-legged (or 2-legged!) dog isn’t that much different from a 4-legged one. All they want is a loving home, so adopt one today!

Inigo Montoya (3-legged black mongrel) is up for adoption! He’s sweet and goofy and loves company. He would do well in a home with people or dogs around all the time. Contact Three Legs Good at or SMS 8670 8857

Duncan is under the care of F7-Friends of Seven. He is a young, bright and energetic dog who’s a real survivor. For adoption queries, contact us for details.

And finally, of the three, Heng has already found a loving home to call his own! He would love to see his buddies Inigo and Duncan find good homes too. Spread the love, and share this video!