Amazing Family That Live With 80 Pets!

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Husband and wife team, Alan (44) and Heather (40) gave up the freedom of their home to run Morley Exotic Animal Rescue, a center for the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of unwanted or neglected exotic pets. The Hewitt family currently plays host to a population of over 80 exotic animals representing 35 different species. They also have three stalwart children, Abigail (17), Grace (15) and Edward (10). The conservatory has been converted into a tortoise house, the living room has been ceded to Asbo the raccoon, the library has been handed to the reptiles and the home gymnasium annexed by the mammals. No one is brave enough to restrict Stinky Dee the skunk, who has free range of the house. This includes a potentially man-eating python, poisonous scorpions and tarantulas, and a vicious coati called Coco that has put two people in hospital since living with the Hewitts.