Cat Wearing A Shark Costume Cleans The Kitchen On A Roomba. Shark Week. #SharkCat cleaning Kitchen!

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Cat Wearing A Shark Costume Cleans The Kitchen On A Roomba.
SHARK Cat Week is here!!!
Cat In A Shark Costume Chases A Duck While Riding A Roomba

I just came from outside wearing the shades and I was going back right after I was done with the corn. (Corn was so cheap 8 for $1 from Kroger) These are prescription sunglasses so I could see and in the kitchen was so bright anyway so it didn’t matter if I change them or find where I put the clear pair… But for some reason it seams to bother a lot of people…. Sorry! I guess if it’s not the sunglasses it would be the bright yellow shorts from Walmart ;D hahaaa

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