Doberman Mating Amazing Dog Breeding

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Doberman breeding information tips
Do not try to breed your Doberman if she is less than one year old.
These puppies have a better chance of placement, if your Doberman has passed an AKC CGC certificate test. This is a measurement of her intelligence, her social skills and her training skills.
Look very carefully for mental, behavioral and physical changes as your Doberman grows out of puppyhood into young adult stage.
A dog coming into heat is going to show it by frequent urination, starting about two weeks before it finally comes into heat. This is called scenting and it is to show its condition to male dogs in the vicinity.
The next stage is when the vulva starts to swell to about three times its normal size. This cycle is going to last for about nine days. Your dog may also show some reddish-brown discharge, according to its breed.
The last stage is the Oestrus stage, when the bitch is in heat. This is when your vet/breeder may ask you to bring your dog in for breeding and “ties”. A breeding session is known as a “tie”.

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