Dogs are Awesome TOO (High Definition)

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Unfortunately I had to change the soundtrack…the music no longer flows as well…but the dogs are still AWESOME!!!

Tribute to man’s best friend. Much like the video “people are awesome” this video tries to capture the extremes dogs have mastered- with some humor mixed in.

Carl Orff – Carmina Burana – O Fortuna
Penguin Cafe Orchestra – Perpetuum Mobile

Video selections: (stop by their channels and check out more amazing dogs)
1. Pedigree Dogs ad shot 1000 FPS using the Phantom camera
2. Captain the Wonder Dog
3. Climbing Dog
4. Dog attack Shark
5. The Strongest Dog of the World (Kurdish Kangal Dog)
6. Extreme Pete dog skateboarding
7. Dog pulls Boy off Rope Swing
8. Dogs cliff jump too!!
9. Me riding my 125 lb german shepherd (dogback riding)
10. independents day movie: insane dog jump
11. Extreme vertical: Dock Dogs competition –OUTDOOR CHANNEL
12. Dog Backflips
13. jumping fire dog!!
14. crazy police dogs
15. Amazing backfliping poodle!!! WOW
16. dog vs. moutain lion – who will win?
17.Time Warp – Dog Catches Hot Dog
18. Japanarama Clip Dalmatian Riding a Bike
20. All About Airplanes _ Flying Machines
21. FLYING DOG The Matrix puppy defying gravity space time
22. Flying Dog Jumping of 15 foot dock in Texas
23. Two-legged Dog Dominic – Even More Amazing!
24. tree climbing dog
25. Dog drives Car
26. Big jump Pit Bull
27. Naxos_ crazy dog.
28. Amazing Dog Frisbee Jump Catch Splash
29. Time Warp – Dog Shake Short
30. Bruno Walks up Stairs – Chicago Dog Trainer – Dynamic Dogs
31. dog jumps off eiffel tower
32. Cool dog mowing lawn
33. Captain Swimming the length of the pool
34. flying dog
35. Gliding Pitbull
36. Dog in Halfpipe –EXTREME PETE
37. Best “Dog climbing fence” video ever
38. Dog goes fishing
39. Time Warp – Dog Drinking
41. Biscuit the Climbing dog FRONT RANGE FREAKS
42. The Trampoline dog
43. Husky Dog Talking – “I love you”