LETSADOPT and PETS IN SPAIN rescue Shar Pei’s from death row…

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LETSADOPT GLOBAL and PETS IN SPAIN and have come together to rescue two abandoned Shar Pei dogs that were only hours away from being taken away to be destroyed. Now named Champion and Arnie, both dogs were in a garden for six months before being rescued by Yvonne and Mark at PETS IN SPAIN. Viktor at LETS ADOPT GLOBAL saw the two Shar Pei’s on the PETS IN SPAIN facebook page and contacted Yvonne with an offer to take full responsibilty for their future health and welfare – Thank you Viktor for your terrific work rescuing and rehoming abandoned and mistreated animals over the years and for collaborating with us to rescue these two very special dogs. With Champion and Arnie in their car Yvonne and Mark drove to Ondara to meet Viktor . Both dogs have today been examined by the vet and blood tests revealed that they have Erlichia disease and major problems with their jojnts. Arnie also has a serious skin disease. Champion and Arnie will receive the very best treatment from the animal hospital and will be brought back to good health before being put up for adoption.
If you are able to offer Champion and/or Arnie a new home please contact us on info@petsinspain.info or call us on (0034) 645 469 253. www.petsinspain.info