Libby – The inspirational story of a neglected cat

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A tribute to Libby and her journey from a very ill cat to a beautiful healthy princess. Volunteers from House of Critters Animal Rescue spent $3,000 of their own money on her veterinary bills, most of which was never reimbursed ($750 was raised through donations). Libby continues to receive daily medication, an expense that is being paid for by her foster home.

Visit this website to sign a petition to shut down the group that neglected her health issues for 10 days.

It’s a real shame that she spent 10 days in a shelter and never received the proper medical attention. People can be so cruel. The people who failed to provide proper medical attention for Libby claim that they love animals, but we know the truth about them and their true (financial) motivations.

Update on September 13, 2013:
We are in mourning today. Libby the cat, who was saved from a horrible shelter 3 years ago crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge early this morning. This is a tough loss for us as Libby was an inspiration not just to us, but to many others who have seen her story in the video we made. Libby was an extremely sweet cat who loved to gaze at you when hanging out on the couch, and never turned down being pet. Libby was a tough cat, literally days away from death when she was saved, and so we thought she would pull through. Unfortunately, it was not the case. We have some solace in that she died in the arms of someone who cared for her, receiving love until her last breath, however, things will not be the same without her.