Marin Cat Boarding Hotel: KITTY CHARM SCHOOL ROCKS!

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Kitty Charm School is a Cat Boarding Hotel where every kitty, or family of kitties, is given their own private bedroom. We are a cage-free facility and in addition to terrific “real rooms”, we also have numerous Private Playrooms for kitties to enjoy (cats are never mixed with strangers).

About Kitty Worshipping (for the cats)

After picking up her 2 traumatized cats at a local boarding facility in 2010, Sarah Haynes vowed to open her own facility where ALL cats were given love and attention, regardless of their guardian’s financial status. Most facilities (including the one she boarded at) charge $10-$15 for 10 minutes of human attention. At KCS, we cannot fathom the idea of playing with one cat, and ignoring another, based on finances. At KCS, ALL cats are given genuine love and attention.

About Kitty Mail (for the humans)

Ever wish you could be a fly on the wall? At KCS, you will never be told your cat is “fine”, as Sarah was told when she boarded her own cats. Instead, we send you Kitty Mail, real-time videos of your cats, so you can see exactly how they are doing – after all, who knows them better than you?! Kitty Mail is sent an average of every 3 days, but we often heavy-up at the beginning, for your peace of mind. As your cats settle in and you gain confidence, we will slow down and focus on another worried human, who’s cat’s just arrived.

Love the Service?

KCS spends an average of SIX hours a day just on Kitty Worshipping and Kitty Mail. Please donate what you can to the KCS’s Free Love program. There is a cash tip jar at the front desk, and we can also add a tip to your credit card payment at check out, if you suggest doing so. Give till it hurts! Just kidding – only give what you can… : )