My Amazing Pets =] …x

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A Little Video About All My Pets =]
I Have 4 Lhasa Apso dogs tikka,chico,kayla,korma . 2 white and 2 black . chico LOVES jumping and hes really good at it , tikka has had 27 puppies :O lol she somtimes jumps but normaly trys to go under them 😛 . Kayla and korma are two black puppies , K&K are sisters and they do everything together lol , Kayla Is A Crazy Puppy and gets anoyed at anything 😛 , korma is a little bit quiter and likes cuddles . They both like jumping korma can jump really high for a puppy but somtimes knocks it down , Kayla really enjoys jumping , its really cute . My cats are called angus and maggie , angus is soo sweet he slezers when hes happy and pures like a drill , you cant get to sleep if hes in the same room as you . Maggie is more of an outside cat she is a turkish fan and is the only kind of cat that likes water she swins in the neughbours fountan . Patch was my old guinea pig that sadly passed away =( . Iv got A New Guinea Pig , hes called chester he is black and white and is still younge . buster is my budgie , he sits on my head and shoulder and he can say ‘ Hello ‘ and ‘ Busty Boy ‘ And he makes the sound of a firework . Solo Is my brown hamster , He loves playing about in his ball and crashing into things 😛 . He hangs on the cage upside down ( Its so funny ) . Lastly Is My Old Pony And Dog , Snibbles And max . Max was one of tikkas Puppies . Snibbles was a 12.2hh Newforest Pony , She Was a Bay Filly .
My amazing Pets /
My amasing pets

Hope You Enjoy My Video =]
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