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We have the stupidest cats. But they love a box.
Shorty Rossi of the hit TV show ‘Pit Boss’ brought along several animals with him to preview the
Owning a Pet Rabbit: – Learn how to get started with and properly care for a pet rabbit. ———————————————————- My name is Bunny, Bunny Rabbit and today I would like to inform you of [More]
My boy is very sick and dying of heart disease. I’m devastated 🙁 Cherish your pets
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I did not make this I found its and it was to funny not to share. If you know who made it plase tell me!
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Best dog show ever, at PNE in vancouver 2008. Brazilian guy, Dante and his border Collie in this amazing performance.
Do dogs go to Heaven? Skidboot was called the world’s smartest dog. Before Skidboot’s death, owner David Hartwig talked about the special relationship with his best friend and his views on what might happen to [More] – The cats and dogs had a terrific time “reading” the Sunday Morning (Toilet) Paper.
UPDATE- After living at Noah’s Kingdom for half a year, Maxwell has finally found a loving home. We knew it would happen for beautiful Max-he is doing just great in his Forever Home and is [More]