Here’s Gerry! I met her today at the shelter. All that matters here are her”terrific toes!!” This cat is quite a vision as you will see.
Lisa Klotnia, founder of Chicago Canine Rescue, introduces Rufus and shares how she first started this terrific rescue shelter for dogs and cats in Chicago.
If you have a small dog and need to take them with you then try this terrific front carrier. This legs-out carrier is perfect for senior dogs that may not be able to walk very [More]
Cutter is one terrific dog! This very handsome and cuddly 1 year-old Yellow Lab mix male is friendly, sweet, outgoing, and very lovable. We’re always amazed at the wonderful dogs that end up as strays [More]
A terrific pack setup for your back country partner. pending music by superjet2771
trying to prepare for some of the classes at the WPBTCA …it’s just only a few weeks away! can’t wait to see all the terrific dogs and people. THANKS for your help Andy! you’re awesome!!
horses breeding vipedia Gestation lasts approximately 340 days, with an average range 320–370 days, and usually results in one foal; twins are rare. Horses are a precocial species, and foals are capable of standing and [More]
Take a look at some of the wonderful personalities up for adoption this month! These terrific pets along with all our bully breeds are available for HALF PRICE Adoption fee throughout the month of November!! [More]
Penelope (or “Nellie” as her foster parents call her) is a very sweet, intelligent, affectionate girl. Whether she’s entertaining herself in the yard or playing with them in the house, Nellie never stops making them [More]
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