Smartest 10 Week Old Puppy Performs Amazing Dog Tricks

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Lumos the Border Collie puppy will blow your mind with his amazing tricks and melt your heart with his sweet personality. This video is a compilation of the amazing tricks and behaviors he has learned from 8 weeks of age to 10 weeks. This video is made to not only show how intelligent dogs are, even at such a young age, but also to encourage people to train without any forms of physical or psychological intimidation.
The key to achieving so much so quickly is raising criteria appropriately and creating variety in training. Lumos was trained 1-3 times a day for 2-10 minutes. (Obviously the socialization and going to lots of places, feeding for being calm and relaxed was the most effort!!!)

LUMOS DID NOT REPETITIVELY DO THESE BEHAVIORS! REPEATING THE SAME BEHAVIORS REPETITIVELY WITH PUPPIES CAN BE BAD FOR THEM. I will make a video after this one on how to work on multiple behaviors so that your puppy is only doing a very few repetitions of each behavior, instead of obsessively drilling puppies on the same trick over and over. An example being fetch: the puppy spent training sessions learning to hold the object, and follow Martina backwards with it. Then in 3 weeks there were only 2 training sessions where the puppy retrieved the object, 3 times one day and 4 times a week and a half later. With editing people THINK the puppy is constantly doing all these tricks on the same day and repeating them all every day, but this is not the case. In the three weeks we have had our puppy he did backing up in 1 training session, and then was filmed backing up the next day. He learned backwards circles in 1 training session, and then we filmed it the next day. WE DID NOT WORK ON BACKING UP OR BACKWARDS CIRCLES EVERY DAY. So please stay tuned for our coming videos on how to make sure you are not being repetitive with your training exercises.

Stay tuned for puppy tutorials on how to train your puppy to not only do amazing behaviors and tricks, but also how to use behavior modification. This youtube channel has hundreds of free videos to check out on puppy training as well as adult dog training that works for all breeds of dogs.

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