Sweet Rosie enjoys gentle petting. Loves people and dogs. Won’t you give her the second chance she deserves? For more info on this available dog, visit or call our no-kill shelter. Pet Adoption Fund in [More]
Oliver is our foster puppy. He was found on an Oakland sidewalk when he was 4 weeks old. His back legs did not work properly due to lack of proper nutrition. He was in relatively [More]
http://www.andymathis.com Jimmy is one of the dogs I rescued from Macon Animal Control during their Pardon Week back in November. I adopted him and took in 3 other dogs to foster. I hope this encourages [More]
Video of retired racing greyhounds being delivered to Greyhound Welfare (mid-Atlantic) for fostering and adoption. Great dogs that make terrific family pets. go to www.greyhoundwelfare.org for adoption information.