Super stealth, amazing climbing, lightning fast attacks, these felines are more than just parkour kitties, they are ninja kitties. Please subscribe to Tube Spaghetti for more animal top 10’s: Please Like us on Facebook: [More]
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Splash the Border Collie is the most amazing dog in the world. My brother wrote the song in the video for her. She is not only the smartest dog in the whole world, but the [More]
NEW!!! Part II is now up!!! Countdown of the Top 5 most terrifying animal growls and roars, with high fidelity audio. Use headphones for maximum effect.
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I must have a cat whom I find homeless, wandering about the court, and to whom, therefore, I am under no obligation. I have already selected a dirty little drunken wretch of a kitten to [More]
The video show’n 50 cute cat & kitten breeds blending into each other along with nice music. The Cat Breeds Morphing in the video : American Curl Cat, American Shorthair Cat, Birman Cat, Black Cat, [More]
In april the 20th of 2010 My cat Gosi died at the age of 13. When we found out we had to move to norway we knew that he was not able to some with [More]
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This is the most touching story ever. I didn’t make this video, THANK’s for the great story! UPDATE(March 26): Found the originating YouTube Channel @ posted it on my site @ So it [More]
My boy is very sick and dying of heart disease. I’m devastated 🙁 Cherish your pets
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Mama cat does some pretty rad flip tricks!
Visit our website: Check out our store: Become a fan on facebook: SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT! We appreciate it: Unique dog tricks advanced amazing the coolest most [More]
This week, I want to share with you some of my favorite dog tricks. As I was making this – I was wondering ‘what makes an incredible dog trick?’ Leave a comment and share what [More]
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