Lumos the Border Collie puppy will blow your mind with his amazing tricks and melt your heart with his sweet personality. This video is a compilation of the amazing tricks and behaviors he has learned [More]
Darlington County Humane Society (843)398-4402 CHAMPION is a true champ!!! Lab mix. He had a terrific day hanging with Charlie, the basset hound. Ready for play anytime! Loves cats:) This is a chapter from our DVD: BORDER COLLIE SHEEPDOGS – OFF DUTY!
Loki the Bernese Mountain Dog (6 months old) discovers that ice is slippery! He fell a few times but continued to play on it for about 5 minutes!! So Cute!! He loves snow and ice! [More]
Trapped in a puppy mill, Coconut the dog had never known love—until she was rescued by the ASPCA. Watch a video of her incredible transformation and recovery, and find out how you can help save [More]