This is a requested video showing you why rats make amazing pets. Hope you enjoy 🙂 x
Spare footage of Achilles and Patroclus from May-August 2010. Please forgive the camera being a bit wobbly at times because I was filming, giving commands, and rewarding my boys simultaneously. Not easy! About half of [More]
Yesterday we followed Joah Coveney over to Capt Mark Garcy’s place. A Charter captain for Reel 1 Up Fish and Dive who purchased some rats to feed their Huge Boa Constrictors. We sped up the [More]
Just a bit of fun with some of my old rat videos 🙂 Featuring: Jay, Splodge, Arrow, Benji, Lobo, Locke and Shadow
Are domesticated pet Rats good pets? YES. They (if tame) can be so affectionate & as you can see in this video SO SMART! One of two, missed but not forgotten! I trained this pair [More]