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Please turn on before you watch: -HD Mode -full or bigger screen Using GoPro HD Hero2 with Canon EOS 500D gave me some pretty cool results and a lot of footage to work with 🙂 [More]
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Please share this video with your friends!Thank you:D And do not forget to subscribe;-) There are a handful of tricks from Alexis.Alexis is 3 years old. Alexis knows more than 60 tricks/behaviours . Alexis likes [More]
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This amazing troupe of white cats astonish a crowd by performing tricks live on french TV new years eve 2009. The trainer does a wonderful job of keeping the cats going.
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If anybody would be willing to allow me to use their music for my next trick compilation video please email! Facebook: Website: Clicker training: Clicker training is simply a method of training. [More]
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