These cats just had an operation, vet examination or something like that so they received anaesthesia from the vet. When they were brought home, they were still a little bit high and dizzy. Don’t worry, [More]
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See our new cute kittens that our cat gave birth to recently. We are having a best kitten name contest so if you would like to participate then you can post a comment on what [More]
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NuviFlex Now NuviFlex Same Product New Name Geriatric Labrador Retriever who is about 11 years old started showing signs of lameness about 3 years ago. His x-rays showed arthritis changes in his spine and hips. [More]
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UPDATE- After living at Noah’s Kingdom for half a year, Maxwell has finally found a loving home. We knew it would happen for beautiful Max-he is doing just great in his Forever Home and is [More]
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Actress and animal lover Joanna Lumley turned cat detective, to explore the unique relationship we have with our feline friends. Joanna embarked on a unique journey around the world to uncover the history of the [More]
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