Taming a feral TOM CAT with patience and kindness

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The song plating in the background is – “THE VENGA BUS IS COMING” and was the theme song to a video game I was playing (and had paused) while shooting this video.

August 20th 2014 – About FUZZY – I’m still sad about Fuzzy’s passing at age sixteen from natural causes (March 28th 2014) But he did have a terrific life with us since 1998. Having been rescued from his street life of dumpster-diving at about 10 months of age. Still, when I open the front door of the warehouse every morning, only Scruffy runs to meet me, and I still expect to see that ball of fur Fuzzy come trotting up. Life goes on.
My original narrative – Honestly they probably could not be “house cats” but they are perfect as companions and mousers here in our warehouse and they are loved and healthy – Fuzzy is chief rodent control officer and Scruffy is the official cat food taster/inspector. They are in some ways like dogs. They will come when called and since being adopted by us neither have ever been left outside at night. They know that closing time means that they need to be inside and we seldom have to find them to get them back in the building. They follow us between the two buildings within this giant fenced-in compound, and interact politely with the customers and delivery persons. We have two “happy and well adjusted pets”

Music: Title Bright Wish – Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”