World’s Smartest Rescued Shelter Cat

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Kieran demonstrates a random sample of the behaviours (aka tricks) he’s learned and is continually learning to expand his repertoire. Some of these may appear to be the same, but from a cat’s point of view each are exclusively different.

Kieran is a Domestic Short Hair rescue cat (a mixture of Abyssinian/Tabby) who was painfully afraid of everything and everyone when I adopted him. Clicker training has helped him become more confident and significantly less fearful of people and his environment by learning many behaviours with the use of positive reinforcement with a clicker. Positive reinforcement training is force-free training thus animals eagerly choose to perform their behaviours of their own free will.

Help fund Kieran and his brother’s lifelong medical care by sharing their video. In February 2014, both Kieran and Romeo had been diagnosed with stage 3 degenerative kidney disease. Romeo also has been battling irritable bowel disorder (IBD) and Kieran has been living with idiopathic cystitis for most of his life. Both were born in April 2005, two weeks apart.

You can continue to follow their progress on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram fan pages: @WeeklyWhiskers.
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Requests by many people for me to show the visual hand cues/gestures with the asked behaviours have been included for the most part within this video. Some of these cues can be significantly less exaggerated, faded or given from a distance after each of the behaviours becomes fluent during the initial part of training.

Both Kieran and his brother, Romeo have learned a vast repertoire of behaviours which we look forward to sharing from time to time with our YouTube subscribers. If you’d like to see more of our cats please join us on our Facebook,Twitter & Instagram fan pages, @WeeklyWhiskers.

A very special acknowledgement of thanks to two cat clicker trainers who’ve been an inspiration to me: my dear friend, Samantha Martin of the The Rock Cats, our talented friend of YouTube channel nanabordercollie… and to my dearest friends Juen and Lola, for nudging and encouraging me to rise above the challenge to put this together. Thank you Zach (YouTube channel: taburineagle) for your help with editing to complete this project. Thank you also to all of my R+ mentors, training friends and most of all, my family who’ve been our greatest supporters. Thank you to all for being supportive of my unique animal endeavours.

I also would like to express my gratitude to Whisker City who granted our adoption application so Kieran could find his furrever home with us.

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